Providing Support & Nourishment to Mamas

MargEaUx Michael



a little bit about me

hello and welcome – my name is Margeaux Michael aka. MamaNourish. I love to nourish, whether it’s through preparing nutrient dense and healing food for myself and others, helping families through the experience of welcoming a new life into their homes, making a space beautiful, teaching yoga, or just sharing authentic conversation with someone.  

feel free to make this your space for finding easy recipes, postpartum and prenatal care, thoughtful and gentle words, nature inspired self-care tips, and conversation regarding #realfood and what medicine it can be.

I reside in Denver, Colorado with my Egyptian man and our puppy girl. we love all things outdoor and explore oriented. we love ( I repeat l o v e ) finding the best food and cocktails in town. we love our church community. we love Jesus and we call ourselves Christians. we love nights where we can just snuggle to our hearts content on the couch. we love learning new things and growing together. we love learning about other people's stories and passions. we love exploring the future world of health care together and coming up with new ways that we can serve others... like through this business... wow what a blessing.


the story

MamaNourish was born through a love of caring for mamas and their families in a time when their lives and energy are in transition. while working as a postpartum doula in the community almost 5 years ago, I walked into a client's home one day only to find her exhausted, overwhelmed, and unable to think of what to do next. starting with the simple question "when was the last time you ate something" helped us to formulate a plan of action, and a basic meal of scrambled eggs and avocado toast brought life back into this mama. the very next day, she and her husband hired me to come cook for them in their home once a week. little did I know then, that providing nourishment for postpartum families would turn into my passion and lead me to build this company as my full time life's work.

in studying nutrition at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, my favorite class in my 4 years there was undoubtedly Nutrition Through the Lifecycle. not only did I love learning from my professor (shoutout to the wonderful Justine Karduck), it made so much sense to me that nutrition would be a paramount factor in fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. from there I became fixated on the concept that one's life could be influenced by the nutritional choices our mother's made, that the choices myself and my peers were making. how powerful the decision to feed your body nutrient dense food from the earth can be, in a world where "eating for two" and "anything goes when you're pregnant" is kind of the norm. after becoming a lactation counselor and studying to become an IBCLC, my curiosity of the connection between nutrition and the thriving baby/mother/family triad continued to grow and drive my pursuit of education on this relationship. I enjoy learning more about this topic to this day and look forward to future opportunities to educate and be educated by the growing world of holistic health. 

in the meantime, I have built this company on the foundation that the meals I provide aren't just going to fill the fridge and reheat nicely. I design my meal plans to aid in healing inflammation in the body, to ground the nervous system, to support recovery, and to boost milk supply. my ultimate goal is that the food I prepare would not only feed a family, but nourish them from the inside out. that during a time of transition, where things like organic and warm meals sometimes fall to the wayside, I can help restore that as a key instrument to a family's wellbeing. enabling them to support one another better, adjust to their sweet new babe, and care for themselves. 


" Margeaux is a god send. I can't express how amazing it is to have nourishing, healthy, delicious home cooked meals as a new parent. Just trust me. And a clean kitchen afterward! To have the stress of meal planning relieved by Margeaux has made my whole family happier. Her calming and nurturing presence is just an extra bonus to her delicious and healing meals."

/ Rachel Snow, Satisfied Client /



my Bachelor's of Science is from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in Human Nutrition with a minor in Spanish. in addition to my degree, I am a certified lactation consultation through the IBCLE; I am a certified birth doula in training through DONA International; and finally I am a certified yoga teacher through Registered Yoga School. 

In 2014 I discovered my second love, after nutrition,  and became a breastfeeding educator and lactation counselor. breastfeeding education and helping mamas turn towards their intuition and their maternal wisdom when it comes to feeding their babies will forever be a passion of mine. as a yoga instructor, I have been teaching prenatal yoga since 2014. it was through a private yoga client, who asked me to be her doula, that I came to the doula world after her midwife asked that I become certified. her beautiful home birth inspired my third love of birth and intuitive birthing, in anyway that enables mama to feels most supported and empowered, whether that is in a hospital or the safety of her home. I have been blessed to see over 20 healthy babes come into the world, and while I am currently not working actively as a doula, I look forward to supporting more families during their beautiful transition times through nourishing and breastfeeding. 

the blessing of being naturally drawn into the birth world was something I never expected, but feel delighted to be a part of in every way. how beautiful to witness and aid the new generation coming into the world and serve families in this way.


"We are so grateful we were introduced to Margeaux. Her food is absolutely amazing and many items have become weekly favorites at our house. She started cooking for us when our 3rd child was born and made our family's life during this transition so easy. After my first 2 kids were born, my husband and I lived on take out food which was not very healthy and very expensive. With Margeaux, she made me all sorts of foods helpful to new mamas recovery and breastfeeding, while also making sure the whole family was fed with healthy, organic food at a reasonable price. She adhered to the certain dietary restrictions that we have (gluten) with no issues. She has so many of her own amazing  recipes and was willing to make whatever we asked. Margeaux has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, her passion for cooking and helping our family is something we are so appreciative of. " 

/  Kathrine Weissner, satisfied client  /