postpartum nourishment

It’s hard to capture in words why this has become my life’s passion and determined work. 

I truly believe postpartum nourishment to be monument in the transition a family goes through welcoming a new babe. I wish so deeply that it had more emphasis in our culture. That in this society of go go go and work “harder” that instead we would trust, and rest, and restore, and listen to our bodies. I wish that every mama was granted a lying in period where she could be fed by the healers and nourishers of her community, from the comfort of her own home and bed. 40 days of whatever she needed to balance herself, to fall in love with her baby, to bring her milk in and establish her breastfeeding supply if that’s what she so desires, and to prepare to re-enter the world an empowered new mama. I wish this was not a dream but a concept of our reality.

As many of you may know, I studied Nutrition at University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign... during that time I volunteered as a patient support provider in the postpartum wing of the hospital on campus. I fell in love with the dreamy oxytocin infused atmosphere on that floor. I fell in love with visions of new families being supported and cared for by those who could only dream of their successs and flourishing as a new family. As I sat in my Nutrition through the Lifecycle class my senior year (shoutout to Professor Justine Karduck), I became almost obsessed with learning about how nutrition affected not only breastfeeding, but the lifelong well being of baby and the postpartum well being and beyond of mama.... that was just the beginning (but all that for another blog post).

Over the years my passion has morphed into MamaNourish, my postpartum nourishment company. Every photo you see here either went into the nourishing of a family I was caring for, or the nourishing of myself so I could better care for those families. My goal is to make proper nourishment accessible to families who are going through that crucial transition point and wanting to utilize nutrition in its purest form, as the medicine we deeply need. As author Heng Ou so beautifully titles it, I believe The First Forty Days should be filled with grounding, healing, warming, satiating, and nurturing foods. These foods should call you into your transition period, while helping you keep your feet and nervous system beneath you, easing you into the journey ahead, and establishing you in your elevated place of parent (aka care-giver, emotional support, life guide, counselor, advisor, and love source... to name just a few roles within that domain).

Foods like healing slow cooked broths, nutrient dense vegetable soups, local grass fed meat and sustainable poultry, fresh pressed juices, low-sugar and calorie rich snacks for breastfeeding, hormone balancing teas and smoothies made from local herbs, adaptogens, and ingredients. It delights me to provide this kind of food for others. When I think of the healing capabilities, the amazing life start it could give to new babes harnessing all that nourishment, the empowerment it could give to new mamas and families who are actually getting the nutrients their bodies need and crave vs. going through take out menus at 9pm at night, frazzled and unhinged.... yeah, it’s just unspeakably motivating for me.


I’ve seen the healing impact of nutrition in my own life (stick around for those posts I promise you won’t be disappointed), and in the lives of the families I’ve cared for over the last three years, and if it makes a difference even to just a handful of families that is all I desire. That would be a dream and such a fulfillment of this desire God has given me. To open others eyes to what postpartum nourishment could do in their lives and the lives of their babies and families. That’s all I could ever want and more.

Just a lil’ peek into why I love what I do friends. More to come along this journey. Excited to have you all with me (whoever is reading) and to share more ❤️ Thanks for reading, I hope your day is filled with the nourishment and love that you deserve. 

Blessings and Love -> Margs aka. MamaNourish

Margeaux Michael