new beginnings ➳ the MamaNourish blog


hello beautiful and wonderful people. welcome to the MamaNourish blog... whether you've been following along on Instagram, have known me from various walks of life, or are new to this forum (so glad you are here) , I am excited to be able to share my personal journey of wellness with you. a journey that I pray will always be growing and evolving, and a journey that has come so far since I dove in around 10 years ago.


I've been feeling called for a while to created a space through which to share. community is something that has always driven me and motivated me, and while my old fashioned heart would love to be able to have endless tea and treat dates with each of you who come here, we are blessed to live in a world where we can connect through social media. It took me a while, but I am embracing it and loving all the wonderful souls I meet along the way.


If you come to this blog you will find conversations on....well... a lot of different things! There are so many things that bring me joy in the health sector of life, and if you think about it, the things that can contribute to our individual health journeys are often so special and unique to us. Holistic health can be composed of anything that makes you feel a wholeness of self, inner peace, or even connected to God. Here are some of the topics I will for sure be touching on that I have found bring me into the truest and deepest version of myself, satisfied and thankful to be her:

  • nourishing food (obviously)
  • yoga and body movement
  • prenatal and postpartum wellness
  • birth and breastfeeding
  • faith and God
  • relationship and sacred marriage
  • sickness and seasons of misalignment
  • natural skin and body care
  • conscious fertility and feminine care
  • travel and adventure
  • organization and routine
  • emotional and mental health
  • alternative medicine

I am honestly so incredibly stoked to exploring those topics with you and am excited to hear what it is that you all want to talk about as well. I promise to be as genuine and authentic as I can in this space and I hope that maybe my journey and the journey's of others will inspire you to pursue or dive deeper into your own journey. blessings and love to each of you - here we go!

Margeaux Michael